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Well, now that the all-consuming interference that is the Renaissance Faire is over, I can actually sit down and do this ^_^.

Who am I and Why did I join yellowarmbands?

I... am a 28-year-old transdyke who wants to learn Japanese, and wants to learn how to draw. I have ideas for my first book, but not how to put them together yet

Honestly, I originally started looking for groups like YellowArmBands because I wanted to do more with my time regarding subjects like the wbw and gender than but that more can be achieved by dialogue than screaming and internet tit-for-tat. Although, that's not to say that the occasional bit of yelling is always bad ^_^. I think my continued growth as an individual, let alone a trans individual, will be better served by being around those who are less... enamored of a binary gender system and less inclined to be self-defeating.

Janine M


Battle Creek, MI

I identify as a:
femme-butch wannabe author lesbian

I have attended as a Michigan Festie:

For how many years:

I have worked as Michigan Worker:

For how many years:

I would like to be a Festie this year (2006):
Yes; however, I won't be able to.

I would like to be a Worker this year (2006):
Yes, but *see above*

I have attended Camp Trans:
For how many years:

I have camped at Camp Trans:

I would like to be attend CT this year (2006):
Yes. Again, see above. lol.

I would like camp at CT this year (2006):

I have camped at Michigan in the past, but am not allowed to attend because of the WBW policy:

What years did you camp and what was your experience?

I have never camped at Michigan, but I would camp there if the WBW policy was changed:

I was a Michigan supporter and attended Fest and/or was a worker at Fest, but no longer do so because of the policy:

I attended these years:

Lastly, I boycott/boycotted Fest. Why, please explain:
Working on this part. This is in large part why I started seeking groups similar to this one out.

What years:
If you no longer boycott Fest, please explain why:

More about me:

I likes the comic books. Vertigo and other adult comics are among my favorites. Reading is an addiction for me. I also have a motorcycle! 2003 Buell. I used to play tennis, but am so far removed from that as to be funny...
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Oh, the amount of time for a reply is no problem at all, I think I can comprehend in some way the craziness that must come with the end of Fest, especially with the events of this year.

Anyway, thought I'd mention that I will definitely be up next year; the only reason I didn't come this year is that my girlfriend had a prior commitment to a pottery show. So, if there's anything I can volunteer for, I'd be more than happy to. =)