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Who am I and Why did I join yellowarmbands?
I have worn a yellow armband for the past three years at MWMF in support of all womyn in womyn's space.  This past festival, I met Dandy and the yellow crew.  It was great to see even more organization around this visual statement.

sue, susan, cunt, mama


Chicago IL  (soon to be Northampton MA as of Monday)

I identify as a:
Queer, Femme, Working-Class, Fat, Fox, Feminist, Cunt

I have attended as a Michigan Festie:
The past four years.

I would like to be a Festie this year (2007):
Yes.  And I think it's HUGELY important for us all to make a committment to go and let LV know that it is because we are hoping to change from within.  Afterall, the festival is built by the womyn that attend it.

I have attended Camp Trans:
The past four years (not as a camper but as a frequent visitor).

I would like to be attend CT this year (2007):
Of course.  I fully believe in the community that CT creates.

I would like to camp at CT this year (2007):
No.  I am committed to MWMF and making change occur from conversations & education from within.  However, I am also committed to being in constant conversation with CT and in constant support of CT.

I have never camped at Michigan, but I would camp there if the WBW policy was changed:

More about me:
I work in social services as a Head Start Coordinator.  I sell my panties (among other things) on Craig's List.  I am a radical activist and performance artist.  Two of my groups that I am the most proud of are esoterica and Lickity Split.  I dance radical burlesque in my partner's queer burlesque shows...Gurlesque Burlesque.  I am on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Abortion Fund.  I am a photographer  for Nightspots and other such annoying gay rags.  I am a published writer...albeit Curve magazine and other such pseudo embarrassing publications.  My partner & I are moving to Western MA on Monday.  What the?!?!?!  I have attened both CT & MWMF for the past four years.  My first year, I was in love/hate with both CT & MWMF but I have seen some great advancement on both sides the three years following.  If you care to hear my truths about that first year, I would love to tell.  But both have made such great advances the past three years that I hatre to dwell on the negative.  However, I will say that my gorwn love for CT was mostly due to a little fest infulltrater name Jess.

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