rebecca (splinterjete) wrote in yellowarmbands,

t.o. camp trans benefit

fyi, there's a ct benefit concert in toronto tomorrow. rae spoon's headlining and dj_cpi will be on the decks afterwards.

not that i really need help but, considering i haven't even been to ct, i thought i'd throw this out there:

"if you had two minutes to relay a story or talk about the significance of camp trans, what would YOU say?"

are there any pieces of writing you think would be really poignant to be read at such a benefit? any images of ct or michfest that would be okay to be projected on the screen?
keep in mind that the vast majority of attendees will be queer cisgendered folks who hadn't heard of ct until the concert.

also just putting this out there as ideas for other ct benefit organizers. :)


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